Champaign City Council Approves $25,000 Settlement in Police Excessive Force Lawsuit

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CHAMPAIGN – After two years, a case against two Champaign officers is settled without ever entering a courtroom.

Tuesday, December 1, the city council approved a $25,000 settlement to William Brown, which comes from a 2013 incident alleging excessive force in his arrest.

It happened after an accident on the city's north side. The lawsuit alleged Brown gave himself up, and two officers Matt Rush and Montrell Coleman used excessive force in the arrest. But the officers say Brown resisted, which prompted the force landing brown in Carle Hospital. That charge of resisting arrest was later dropped and Brown plead guilty to driving on a suspended license.

In Tuesday night's council meeting, members discussed the settlement, ultimately approving the measure and ending any further litigation

 With this settlement it also means the city doesn't admit any wrong doing by the two officers -- but for Matt Sweat, this case marked the third allegation of excessive force.

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