Festival Showcases Millikin Students’ Documentaries

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DECATUR – Millikin students in the university’s documentary filmmaking course will be presenting their original films at the 2015 Blue Docs Rock Film Festival on Friday, December 11.

The festival is the culminating event for Millikin’s honor seminar course on documentary filmmaking.

Students focus on analyzing documentaries and generating their own ideas and research for the first half of the course. For the second half of the semester, students work on the pre-production, production and post-production aspects of the documentary filmmaking process. The student formed groups and took on various roles; such as director, cinematographer, audio, publicist and editor.

Each film is about 8 – 10 minutes in length, and students were challenged to only use their smartphones and technology available on them to make their films.

Film topics will range from the gun control debate to issues in the dance community.

Assistant Professor of Education Dr. Ngozi Onuora explains, “This year’s documentary film festival features student films that get to the heart of issues, debates and controversies that have impacted these young filmmakers.”

The 2015 Blue Docs Rock Film Festival will have a pre-screening reception at 5:30 PM, followed by the screening of the four student films at 6 PM. A formal close will be held following the screenings.

Further information about the film festival can be found here.

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