Rep Mitchell Lands Decatur Transit Money


Decatur – The wheels on the bus will continue to go round and round thanks to the efforts of State Representative Bill Mitchell, (R) Forsyth.

The city of Decatur has not received state funds for its transit system since the July 1st state budget crisis began.  Friday, Representative Mitchell worked the phones to have money for Decatur’s transit system expedited to the city.

“It’s asinine quite frankly.  I mean the state shouldn’t be passing its problems on to local governments,” Mitchell told WAND’s Doug Wolfe at his Forsyth legislative office.  “The state of Illinois is not helping.  As a matter of fact they’re making it worse.”

IDOT issued a $1 million voucher for payment to the state comptroller.  At the request of Mitchell the money is being moved quickly to the city.  It is expected the money will be deposited with the city via direct deposit on Friday night.

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