EIU Police warning citizens of new phone scam

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CHARLESTON - The Eastern Illinois University Police Department is warning citizens of a new phone scam making its way through the area.

EIU Police say they have received several reports from college students who have been called by someone who identifies as an FBI or IRS agent, or a law enforcement officer.  In some of the calls, the caller says that the student owes money on loans, taxes, unpaid traffic or parking tickets, or has an outstanding arrest warrant.

Authorities say the caller then asks for payment through Moneygram or wire transfer to avoid getting in trouble.  Additionally, the caller may also threaten the student if they don't comply.  Authorities also say the number displaying for some of these calls matches that of an FBI field office.

Police are advising those who receive similar calls to ask the caller for their name, rank, badge number, their agency's name, and a telephone number, then tell the caller that you will call them back in a few minutes.  Legitimate law enforcement officers should understand the precautions you are taking.  Police also say you should never give out personal information to callers you don't know.

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