74th Anniversary Of Attack On Pearl Harbor


Decatur – It was December 7, 1941.  A surprise attack by Japan on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii pushed the United States into World War II.

On Monday, veterans commemorated the attack with a Pearl Harbor Remembrance at Lake Decatur.

“If we don’t do things like this people have a tendency to forget,” veteran David Freyling told WAND’s Doug Wolfe.  “These people went over there to fight a war.  They won the war and they come home.  They build a country.”

A wreath was placed in the lake, prayers were said and a gun salute was fired during the brief lakeside ceremony in the morning fog.  2,403 U.S. military members were killed in the raid that was carried out by 353 Japanese planes in 2 waves.

The Pearl Harbor Remembrance in Decatur is an annual event.

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