Senate Passes Legislation to Appropriate Motor Fuel Tax Dollars


Springfield - Following last week's move by the Illinois House of Representatives, the Senate unanimously passed legislation that would appropriate money for 911 call centers, salt trucks, LIHEAP funding, and other services.

The state has gone six months, and is now currently into the seventh month of the fiscal year, without a budget.
The state is currently running on about 90% of a budget at least year's spending, mainly due to court orders and agreements.
However, motor fuel tax, gaming, and other money had to be appropriated by lawmakers for local communities before being divvied out.  

After Monday's compromise, some lawmakers feel that the Capitol is turning over a new leaf, and the state's top leaders should continue to meet until a new budget is ready as well.

"I think that represents good work on the part of both Democrats and Republicans in the legislature to try and find some middle ground.  I think that type of process should be replicated and the leaders should continue to meet on a continuous basis.  I'd say more than just once a week," said Bunker Hill state senator Andy Manar.

Governor Bruce Rauner signed the bill into law Monday, making it go into effect immediately.

Both the House and Senate are to report back to the Capitol on January 13th.

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