Changes to Illinois Controlled Substances statute to be effective Jan. 1, 2016

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DECATUR - The Decatur Police Department says it will team up with the Macon County Sheriff's Department to enforce new changes to the Illinois Controlled Substances statute that affects synthetic marijuana and the drug known as "K2" beginning January 1, 2016.

The changes, which go into effect at the first of the year, will make it illegal to be in possession of, distribute, or manufacture synthetic marijuana or K2.  

Deputy Chief Cody Moore tells WAND-TV any compound that contains the analog of K2, but is modified to not have the exact chemical composition or structure of K2, will also be illegal.

Moore adds that the department's goal is to reduce the amount of K2 in the community, and that the changes will make it easier to enforce the statute.  "We want it (K2) gone," Moore says.

After January 1, citizens are encouraged to report any individuals or places that may be selling synthetic marijuana products or K2 by calling Crime Stoppers at (217) 423-8477.

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