Shaking Up The Capitol City With Their Voices


SPRINGFIELD-Thousands of state workers gathered in the capitol city  for a rally to end the budget impasse.
AFSCME represents 800,000 union workers in the state of Illinois. And one of their largest demographics of workers represented in Central Illinois.
Anders Lindall, Public Relations for AFSCME said, "the governor is making extreme demands that would take money out of the pockets of working folks who protect our kids who keep our streets safe who care for the most vulnerable who protect our environment he would double their cost for health care over night and it would go up from there."
Dena McGill, Sangamon County AFSCME representative said, "the governor is holding our budget hostage as well as our negotiations hes making all of these right to work plans and we are just not going to stand for that we have fought for our benefits our rights everybody deserves fair pay everybody deserves fair benefits."
From marching to standing as one the group  expressed the need for fair contractual decisions to be made.

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