Tiny Dancers, Big Hearts


DECATUR-  A few dancers donating to the Salvation Army Angel Tree. Since 2008 the Dance Centre has been holding an annual Christmas benefit show that's proceeds go towards the less fortunate children in Macon County.
Raising nearly $10,000 since they started the recital many lives have been touched as well as an opportunity to instill the gift of giving back.
Parent Julie Wubben said, "it brings in the children giving to other children and that's an easy thing to explain to your child not every body has toys on Christmas cause some families are going through tough times."
Co-Owner Michi Barber said, " our real hope is that they remember way back when they were little helping out the salvation army and at Christmas time they open their heart and open their purse strings to help the community."
More than 3,400 children are on the list for the Angel Tree this year.

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