Former U of I Chancellor will help decide curriculum for new medical school

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CHAMPAIGN – Former University of Illinois Chancellor Phyllis Wise will be one of 18 people who will decide what students will study at the Carle Illinois College of Medicine.

Wise resigned in August just before the university announced she and others had used personal email accounts to talk about university business to try to avoid public scrutiny.

 Wise was initially given a $400,000 contractual bonus but U of I trustees denied the bonus and refused to accept Wise’s resignation.

The trustees instead offered Wise a job as a special adviser and said they would begin dismissal proceedings.

Wise refused the position and resigned again. In doing so, she threatened to sue. The board accepted Wise’s second resignation, without the bonus. She is currently a professor of molecular and integrative physiology. 

Wise led the push to create the new engineering-based medical school.


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