Richland Community College Feeling Crunch of State Budget Impasse


Springfield - Lawmakers left the capitol for the rest of the year leaving behind unfinished business.

"Why we're not in Springfield, doing our job with a balanced budget, is just amazing.  It's the height of irresponsibility," said Forsyth state representative Bill Mitchell.

As a result of that unfinished work, community colleges are feeling the pinch of a state running without a budget.

"Certainly without a state budget it becomes very difficult to provide quality education to our students," said Lisa Gregory, executive director of public information for Richland Community College.

If the budget stalemate doesn't end soon, both Gregory and Mitchell are afraid of what the future holds.

"We can only do so much towards work force training without state funding," said Gregory.

"State government, Illinois government is highly dysfunctional.  We don't have a budget.  We'll be going into
January 1st, the seventh month without a state budget.  That is not only irresponsible, it's almost criminal," added Mitchell.

Which could mean putting a budget, and students' education, potentially on hold.

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