Mt. Zion Attempted Home Invasion Sparks Concern, More Focus On Prevention

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MT. ZION – An attempted home invasion has left one neighborhood and town feeling on edge around the holidays.

Early Wednesday morning, a newspaper carrier was concerned about a "suspicious car" in the Wildwood neighborhood. After she called authorities; police, local authorities and deputies confirmed three suspects were attempting to break in to a home they had been waiting outside of.

Sergeant Scott Flannery said, "They never made entry into the residence. What we believe was going to happen was there was going to be a simple knock on the door and then the home invasion was going to occur after that. It didn’t happen that way. The two guys were taken into custody prior to that, and we think the third guy saw the police in the area and immediately went into hiding."

After arresting a total of four suspects involved in the break-in and retrieving three firearms in total, the police are hoping for your help.

Here are some tips on how to keep your family, home and presents safe this holiday season.

Sergeant Flannery says, "Leave the outside Christmas lights on but the inside lights off. Tell your neighbors where you’re going to go... Just general precaution."

There are more developments in this case, and we will have the latest as they are made available.

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