Fans Excited for Star Wars "A Force Awakens" Openings


Decatur - The Star Wars hype of the late 1970's can be felt now.

With Harrison Ford reprising his role of Han Solo, and Carrie Fisher as General Leia, Star Wars fans couldn't be more excited for "The Force Awakens."

"I think I was definitely looking forward to seeing the original three back in it.  I actually just watched the originals just a few weeks ago but I've always known who Han and Luke and Leia are and I already knew the story vaguely," said movie fan and Avon Theater general manager, Ashley Petty.

 Avon Theater owner Skip Huston added,"I never really was a science fiction fan and this thing just turned my head around and I thought wow this is kind of good."

Like the first Star Wars film in 1977, fans are excited to see something new.

Both young and old are looking forward what this movie, and what others in the series have in store.

"It's a really great thing for many generations to have.  These are really good heroes.  Even if you haven't seen the original movies this movie is great.  You're not going to be lost.  You're going to get it.  It's going to be fantastic," said Petty.

"I think that it's a good cinematic adventure and it has good guys and bad guys and incredible special effects.  And it's great entertainment," added Huston.

"The Force Awakens" is expected to shatter every box office record.

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