Update To Attempted Home Invasion In Mt. Zion


MT.ZION-An update to the Wednesday morning attempted home break-in left many questioning why. This morning charges were brought forth on 4 suspects who were attempting to break in to one mans home in the 1500 Block of Wildwood in Mt. Zion.

Brian Mays, Joseph Blye, Malachi Gordon and Mark Doolen were all charged with 2 counts of home invasion and possession of a firearm by a felon. A development into the investigation also led to a 5th arrest in the case, the home owner of the targeted break-in.

Police took into custody 35 year old, Donnie O’Laughlin’s after finding under 2.5 grams of cannabis in his possession and a substantial amount of U.S. currency.

Sgt. Scott Flannery said, “"The Macon County Sheriff's Department and Mt. Zion Police Department really want to stress to the residents of that area that this was a targeted residence.  The individuals arrested yesterday on scene weren't in the area looking for random homes; they were specifically targeting this residence for a specific purpose."

The investigation is now in the hands of the City's Drug Task Force and State’s Attorney’s office

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