The Sights and Sounds of the Season


DECATUR- One home in Decatur is lighting up the neighborhood with sights and the sounds of the season.
Tim Hoffman has been putting on the Lake shore Illumination show for 4 years now and every year he is trying to make the synchronized Christmas light and music show the best he can.
He said, "i wanna give back to the community in a tradition it seems we're losing a lot of traditions from year to year and this is one that ive enjoyed as a child and many more families can have when they raise up their children as well."

Synching to 107.7 FM fans of the show can park in front of his home and watch the 18 minute long show complete with some holiday classics and new tunes. 

The show also has raised thousands of dollars for the local Special Olympics. From watchers just offering up donations Hoffman has raised $4,000.00 for the organization.

He is hoping to take his current $600.00 and increase it once again for the community. 
To visit his home and catch the show for yourself head to 185 N. Lakeshore Drive in Decatur, Il.

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