Officials support improving Internet Access for Low-Income Families

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CHAMPAIGN – Mayors and elected officials from 44 communities, including Champaign Mayor Deborah Frank Feinen, are joining in support of a proposal from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to improve Internet access for low-income families.

This proposal would update the federal Lifeline program to make it more accessible for low-income families. In the case of Mayor Feinen, the proposal would allow Champaign’s low-income families to use their Lifeline benefit to purchase broadband services at a subsidized rate.

“The proposed changes to the Lifeline program reflect the critical importance of broadband Internet connectivity in today’s society,” Mayor Feinen explains.

Mayor Feinen says promoting this access is important to the Champaign community and is a vital step in moving toward bridging the digital divide.

Executive Director of Next Century Cities Deb Socia says the Lifeline program has been helping millions of Americans have access to critical telecommunication services. Next Century Cities is an organization that works to support communities and their leaders to ensure that everyone has access to fast, affordable and reliable Internet. Champaign is currently a member of the city-to-city initiative.

“Easy access to high speed internet is critical in order to enhance community education, promote civic engagement and realize new economic opportunities,” Mayor Feinen adds.

The full text of the proposal can be found below.

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