Law Will Give Young Special Needs Patients More Access To Dental Care

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SPRINGFIELD – State Representative Mike Smiddy announces a new law will accommodate young patients with special needs receiving dental care.

According to a release from the Illinois House of Representatives, dental patients with autism or other special needs often require sedation for regular dental exams and procedures. Often, these costs are a financial burden on the patients’ families.

Representative Smiddy says that even a simple visit can be traumatic for those with special needs.

“If we want these children to get the preventative dental care they need, we have to ensure the resources necessary for these procedures are available,” Smiddy says.

The current law dictates insurance companies in Illinois are only required to cover sedation for dental procedure for children under the age of six. House Bill 235 will require coverage for sedation for individuals with special needs under the age of 26 for dental appointments if they have been unable to get care without it.

House Bill 235 received bipartisan support when it passed the House in April. It was signed into law on July 27, 2015. It will go into effect on January 1, 2016.

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