Memorial Medical Center and SIU Medicine Participate In Ill Patient Simulation

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SPRINGFIELD – More than 50 people from Memorial Medical Center and Southern Illinois University School of Medicine participated in a simulation exercise that followed a critically ill patient throughout the treatment process.

It followed the patient from the moment he called for help in his home until he was wheeled into the intensive care unit. Dr. Sapan Desai, medical director of the surgical skills lab in the Memorial Center for Learning and Innovation, says this is the first time a simulation this complex has been attempted.

“This realistic simulation will teach us a great deal about all of the things we do right in health care – and highlight areas where we can continue to improve,” Dr. Desai explains.

The Midwest Healthcare Quality Alliance, a partnership between Memorial and SIU to develop innovative solutions for improving healthcare, developed the model for the simulation over the last six months. It was tested on December 17 on the third-floor Simulation Center in the Memorial Center for Learning and Innovation.

Participants included health care providers, administrators, quality improvement experts, educators, support personnel and two paramedics and firefighters with the Chatham Fire Protection District. Local actor John Petter also played the patient who suffers from an abdominal aortic aneurysm.

The exercise began with the arrival of paramedics from the fire protection district. From there, the patient was treated in several stimulated environments, including an ambulance, an emergency room, an operating room and an intensive care unit.

The actor was then swapped with a mannequin designed for surgical procedures once he reached the operating room.

Memorial Medical Center and SIU Medicine plan to apply for federal grants to perform more simulations and continue funding for research into them.

(Pictures provided by Memorial Medical Center and SIU School of Medicine.)

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