Strong Storms Rip Through Central Illinois

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Oakley - Strong storms aren't uncommon in Illinois, however, to have dangerous storms happen during the winter is unusual.

According to WAND chief meteorologist JC Fultz, Wednesday's storms prove as a reminder about the importance of having a NOAA weather radio.

"We can see a quick spin-up tornado, I'm not saying that's what happened today, but if it did, sometimes the radar is going to miss it because a tornado may form quickly and then by the time the radar comes back to sweep for the storm, it's gone.  This just proves the point that that severe weather can happen any time of day, any time of the year, and it's always good to be prepared," said Fultz.

An eastern Macon County farm on Route 105 saw strong winds destroy a building, damage another, and knocked trees down all over.

This church saw the roof ripped off and other damages.

"It's been hit before, a couple of times, by a tornado.  We just pray that we all get back to where we should be," said the church's treasurer, Diane Greenwood.

Greenwood said that while it'll be hard to recover and rebuild, the outcome was better than it could have been.

"It is a Godsend that no one was here or no one was hurt.  So we're thankful," she added.

The National Weather Service says it didn't appear that a tornado was the cause for the strong winds, but are still collecting information.

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