Del's Popcorn Shop Working To Move Back Downtown

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DECATUR – An update for the beloved Del's Popcorn Shop. After the fire nearly destroyed the downtown location, Owner Kemper Willcut had to move to Hickory Point Mall and continue providing the area with their most tasty pastime.

Since the move, business has been booming.

Willcut said, "It’s done better than we thought it was going to do… All of our loyal customers, they stayed with us. All of our corporate clients, they stayed with us and we've been really busy."

But fans still want to know when they can frequent the downtown mainstay.

Willcut said, "Del’s we are hoping to make Easter. It’s just been nuts just been a slow process getting everything going is all, it’s been a learning experience, for sure. I think everyone will be glad for the wait."

The current location allows for customers to visit as often as they want with extended mall hours.

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