A Christmas Eve Dinner For All


DECATUR- Giving back for those less fortunate on Christmas Eve.

One man wanted to do something to support and serve his community especially those who may not have the luxury of a warm meal for the holidays.

Jamian Holder said, “just cause a person has only a dollar and another person may have 10 thousand dollars you still have the same color blood you still have a heart and you still have all these things and so we have to remember that we are all humans after a good days work or if your begging around asking for change."

After  posting a status and inviting friends to help out 4 days later a Christmas Eve dinner was provided for many.

Steven Taylor a recipient of the meal said, “and every body just wanna take, take and take and so we have an opportunity to give to the community and give back ...Everyone have a wonderful holiday season..im just blessed to be here."

Skywalker Gym offered the perfect venue to invite the community to join as one.

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