Sales and Consumer Sentiment on the Rise in 2015

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DECATUR – Consumers in America got one of the biggest breaks since 2006. Sales and consumer sentiment haven’t been this high in over a decade.

Low gas price and unemployment rates have lead the average American shopper to feel confident in their purchasing power.

Kohl's Manager Megan Otto said, "I mean we see it every day. I mean, you hear all these reports on the news about consumers and spending more and becoming for confident with their purchases. We are seeing it every day with our sales especially with the holiday season, Kohl’s in general, throughout the year, but in general, retail is seeing it all over."

Shoppers were also out on one of the biggest sales days of the year. More than 66% of shoppers were quoted to be hitting the stores.

Shopper Gabriella Tortorice said, "Coming to the mall I found that there were so many people. The stores were just so crowded. I did find that this year was a big year for shopping in general."

Another good sign for great New Year.

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