Duck Paradise - Rain Drenched Central Illinois


Decatur – Water poured from the skies Monday.  Unfortunately, there were not a lot of places for it to go.

Neighborhood flooding remains a problem in the area near Fulton and 32nd Street.  Water covered streets and came up into the yards of residential homes.

The Sangamon River below the Lake Decatur Dam was at the top of its banks at midday and in some cases flooded over into the historic Greenwood Cemetery.  A funeral was still scheduled to take place in the rain while ducks were swimming in between grave markers.

Route 48 in Christian County had water covering it in many places.  Water was sitting on the highway in Stonington.  While vehicles had difficulty getting through the water just south of Stonington.  Cars were producing wakes like boats on a summer day.

Water was coming over the dam at Lake Taylorville in large volumes.  A pair of residents told WAND News it is the most water they have ever seen coming over the dam.  The river below the dam was flooding out of its banks.

(Pictured: Flooding at Greenwood Cemetery in Decatur)

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