Barefoot & A Nightshirt - Villa Grove Deals With Flood Waters


Villa Grove – Barefoot, wearing a soaking wet nightshirt.  Pastor William Henry has a lot of work ahead of him at the Cornerstone Baptist Church.

“Our sump pumps have failed so we have 36 inches of water in the basement.  I had to salvage what I could,” Henry told WAND’s Doug Wolfe.  “I couldn’t find my swimming trunks so I put on my night shirt.”

Flood waters, after two days of heavy rains, still remain in the Douglas County city of Villa Grove.  This is the second time in two years this community of 2,500 has had to endure a significant flood along the banks of the Embarras River.

Ameren workers trucked in a boat.  They used it to check on gas meters and any electrical problems homeowners or businesses might have.  Two of the three Ameren employees said they had never had to use a boat before.  The third told us this is the second time a boat was needed for his work.  The last time was in 2013 in Villa Grove.

“I think this is worse than the one two years ago,” stated Neal Henry who lives a block from the church.  Henry stayed up until 2:30am Tuesday watching the flood waters stop just short of his home.

Villa Grove has previously seen significant flooding in 2013, June 2008, April 1994 and January 1950.

(Pictured: Ameren workers check gas meters from a boat.)

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