More than 230 new state laws to go into effect in 2016

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ILLINOIS - The expansion of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits and stricter penalties for individuals convicted of DUIs are among more than 230 state laws that will take effect in 2016.

Under the new law, SNAP benefits will be expanded to individuals who are elderly, blind, or disabled, and makes 200 percent or less of the federal poverty level.  Additionally, benefits will also be expanded to any citizen who makes less than 165 percent of the federal poverty level.

DUI penalties also become more strict under new laws, as individuals who are convicted of DUI twice must use a breath alcohol ignition interlock device for a minimum of five years.  Individuals who have a restricted driving permit from a DUI resulting in death or injury, or who have two or more DUIs, will only be legally able to operate vehicles with ignition breathalyzers.

Other laws that will go into effect include requiring schools to install carbon monoxide detectors, the prohibition of gay conversion therapy, and the automatic suspension of a health care worker's license if that worker is convicted of a health care-related crime.

For a complete list of state laws going into effect in 2016, click here.

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