Iroquois Co. Well Owners Encouraged To Test Wells

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IROQUOIS COUNTY – The Iroquois County Public Health Department recommends that private well owners test their water following the recent floods.

Director of Environmental Health for the agency, Terry Eimen says these inspections are encouraged since it is possible surface water could have entered water wells through their well cap, vent or the sanitary well seal. Eimen adds if evidence indicates that is the case, well owners should not drink the water until it has been tested and deemed safe for consumption.

The water supply should be disinfected and tested to ensure that the water supply is safe to use. According to the health department, they will have free testing kits available for pick-up at 1001 East Grant Street in Watseka.

Further information regarding the flood or well testing can be found by visiting the Iroquois County Public Health Department’s website or contacting Director Terry Eimen by phone at 815-432-2483 or by email at

Additionally, those who have been displaced as a result of the flooding can visit the Red Cross emergency shelter in the Watseka area.

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