Safe Rides for A Safe New Year


DECATUR-Celebrating the New Years, calls for your favorite deli tray platter and for many their favorite bottle of bubbly. But, making sure Central Illinois Residents can get around safely for the holiday is on the minds of many with some cities even offering free cab vouchers.
Cities like Springfield and Champaign offered vouchers for residents to safely get home after indulging. However Decatur, won't the cab companies and authorities still recommend ponying a few bucks to stay safe while ushering in 2016.
Decatur City Taxi Owner, Mike Boliard said, "ive lost too many friends to  drinking and driving that's the whole reason i opened the cab company is cause a good friend of mine died from an accident."
Lt. Jamie Belcher said, "we as well as Decatur police and state police will have extra people on the streets tonight looking out for impaired drivers so that it makes it safe for those who do take the responsibility to have designated drivers to go out and celebrate safely obviously."
Decatur City Taxi is available 24/7, 7 days a week. 

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