December 2015 declared warmest on record in Illinois

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CHAMPAIGN - Illinois State Climatologist Jim Angel has announced that December 2015 was the warmest and second wettest December in Illinois on record.

According to Angel's report, December 2015 was 10.7 degrees warmer than average in Illinois, with the average statewide temperature during the month recorded as 40.6 degrees.  The previous record was set in 1923, with an average temperature of 38.9 degrees.

Additionally, the statewide average precipitation was 4.01 inches above average, measured at 6.70 inches.  Angel says that's the second wettest December in Illinois on record, falling just short of 1982's 7.17 inches.  Both amounts of precipitation where recorded during an major El Niño event.

For more information from the Illinois State Water Survey, click here.

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