President Obama Announces Gun Control Measures

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Washington, D.C. – President Barack Obama has announced that he aims to strengthen background checks for gun buyers as part of executive actions taken in an effort to keep firearms away from potentially dangerous individuals.

In an address on Tuesday, President Obama announced that federal agencies will expand background checks for gun buyers to include up-to-date mental health records, and that anyone who wishes to sell firearms must obtain a license and conduct background checks on potential buyers, whether the sale is conducted at a gun show or over the internet.

Congress rejected his proposed legislation in 2013 to tighten gun rules. The President says he will no longer wait on Congress to do the right thing to protect children and innocent people from harm he says we see too often.

Congress has not approved gun control measures since the 1990's.

Political analysts say the President's executive action is sure to create a political firestorm and legal challenges including from the National Rifle Association.

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