Pastor - Casino Would Have Negative Impact On Families


Decatur – A negative impact on families.  A temptation for those with gambling addictions.

As the Decatur City council considers a resolution supporting a casino to be placed at the Decatur conference center there could be some opposition to the idea.

“Casinos are not the answer and gambling is never going to be the answer,” Dr. Randy Johnson of the Tabernacle Baptist Church told WAND’s Doug Wolfe.  “The negative impact that it has on local families.  Families that are struggling already to pay their bills.”

Steve Horve, owner of the Decatur Conference Center & Hotel, told WAND News in October that a casino in Decatur could generate more than two million dollars for the city.

“Over 200 employees at the casino,” Horve told Wolfe at the time.  “It would be very good for Decatur.  Those are high paying jobs.”

Tabernacle sits directly across the highway from the proposed casino.  But Pastor Johnson says he would oppose having it located anywhere in the city.

Even if the council does vote to show its support for the casino the Illinois legislature would have to vote to grant Decatur a casino license.

(Pictured: Tabernacle Baptist Church In Decatur)

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