Citizens to receive "receipts" from police officers under new state law

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SPRINGFIELD - The Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police say some pedestrians may receive a new kind of "receipt" from officers beginning in January.

Under a new state law, pedestrians who are detained in a public place, or are frisked or searched while walking or standing on public sidewalks and streets, will receive a "pedestrian stop card" or "stop receipt," respectively.  

The stop receipt will have the officer's name, badge number, and reason for the search or frisk, while the pedestrian stop card will have information such as the race and gender of the stopped individual, and the reason the person was stopped.  Information from the pedestrian stop cards will be regularly filed by police departments to the state.

These changes are part of the Police and Community Relations Improvement Act, which went into effect on January 1.  For more information on this act, click here.

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