Mitchell On Budget: "Almost Criminal"


Decatur – State Representative Bill Mitchell wants to take a state constitution with no teeth and put the bite on lawmaker paychecks.

“What we’ve done in the last few years is absolutely almost criminal,” Mitchell stated at Richland Community College.

The Forsyth Republican is introducing legislation that would prevent paychecks from being issued to members of the General Assembly and Constitutional Officers when the legislature fails to have a budget in place.  It would also require the legislature to remain in session to produce a new state budget within 10 days of the Auditor General’s certification that a budget is not balanced.

“Members of the General Assembly are paid to govern.  If we do not govern we should not be paid,” Mitchell told WAND’s Doug Wolfe.  “People’s lives are being affected and it’s not fair to people we represent.”

Mitchell spoke at RCC where the budget impasse has forced 18 to 20 layoffs, the suspension of a major construction project, fee increases and a tuition hike.  Mitchell’s legislation could be taken up during the spring legislative session that starts next week.

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