Organizations and Community come together to discuss hazardous Pillsbury Mills Plant

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SPRINGFIELD – Part two for the concerned community members in Springfield.

The Pillsbury Mills plant closed down in 1991 and has been sitting vacant in a neighborhood causing for some, health problems from the amount of asbestos in the buildings structure.

President of the Pillsbury Mills Neighborhood Assoc. John Keller said, "They need to get a grant from the EPA and do proper removal of it and right now, we really don’t know what’s going to happen."

Previous owners were salvaging usable material from the building while leaving the hazardous and harmful materials to lie dormant in an area where children can run and play.

The Sierra Club, Pillsbury Mills Neighborhood Assoc. and the local NAACP chapter will go in front of the Attorney General and the city of Springfield to find some type of solution to the problem.

That meeting is scheduled for January 26.

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