Macon County Sheriff's Office warns citizens about IRS phone scam

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MACON COUNTY - The Macon County Sheriff's Office is advising citizens to be aware of a phone scam making its way through the area.

Authorities say they have begun to receive calls from citizens reporting being contacted by an individual or individuals about being sued by the IRS, and that they need to call a number to arrange payment.  Macon County Sheriff's Deputies say this is a scam.

IRS officials will never call you regarding this kind of activity.  If you have received a similar call, you are asked to contact the IRS to report the incident.  Additionally, deputies are advising you call elderly family members and friends to warn them about this scam.

This isn't the first time this type of scam has affected Macon County residents, as WAND's Doug Wolfe covered similar scams in a report last year.  If you have fallen victim to this kind of scam, you are urged to contact our local law enforcement office, or the Elder Abuse Hotline at (217) 615-7582.  

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