Springfield Mayor Proposes $600M Budget for Next Fiscal Year


Springfield - At the state Capitol, it appears lawmakers are still far apart on a new budget.
As for the city of Springfield, they're moving closer to having a budget in place for the next fiscal year.

It would be one that is similar in spending to the previous year according to the mayor.

"The overall picture, including CWLP, is about $600M.  It's pretty much a flat budget.  It's an increase of about 4-million dollars of spending from last year," said mayor Jim Langfelder.

Langfelder said that among the budgeted items will be more than $150,000 for body cameras and data storage for police, as well as continuing the city's efforts to take down abandoned buildings.

"That's our intent to implement that across the whole department.  What would delay that is from happening right now is the cost associated with the data storage and the FOIA requests.  It is down from last year's budget, but we received grant funds to bump that number up and we'll continue to apply for funds because the list is long with the structures that need to be brought down as far as demolition goes," he said.

The city council is expected to vote on a finalized budget in February.

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