Midwest Mission Distribution Center assembling cleaning buckets with Missouri Volunteers

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CHATHAM – The Midwest Mission Distribution Center (MMDC) and volunteers from the United Methodist Church in Manchester, Missouri, are teaming up to pack cleaning bucket kits for communities affected by flooding.

Midwest Mission collects, makes and disburses thousands of educational, healthcare and disaster relief supplies and equipment annually. They have disbursed 4.8 million pounds of supplies locally, nationally and internationally since 2003.

This collaboration comes after MMDC brought cleaning bucket kits to Manchester on Monday, January 4. Volunteers from the United Methodist Church distributed kits to families in the flood areas immediately afterward. The group then contacted the Midwest Mission offering volunteer help with replenishing the cleaning bucket supply.

ERT Coordinator for Manchester United Methodist Church John Moore says his group wants to lend a hand after MMDC quickly responded to relief need in their area.

“We know that the work is done 99-percent by volunteers at Midwest Mission, so we want to insure that the next group that needs help can get supplies as quickly as they were able to get them to us,” Moore explains.

This is not uncommon as Midwest Mission Executive Director, Pat Wright, explains.

“Astonishingly enough the majority of our volunteers or volunteer coordinators have come from when they have received assistance from Midwest Mission,” Wright says.

Church volunteers will be assisting MMDC volunteers on Saturday, January 9, from 9 AM – 3 PM.

Midwest Mission officials say help is always appreciated. Each bucket costs $65 to make, and donations are needed to replace the cost of needed supplies and to assemble additional buckets. Volunteers are also welcome to help put supplies together and prep the shipments.

Anyone interested in donating or volunteering can contact the office of Midwest Mission at 217-483-7911.

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