AFSCME in midst of another State Impasse with Rauner Administration

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SPRINGFIELD – AFSCME is now experiencing an impasse with the state's representatives.

Last Friday, January 8, Kent Beauchamp, Regional Director of AFSCME Council 31 was not ready for where the negotiations ended up.

Beauchamp said, "There was no indication that the days leading up to their statement that we were in impasse in fact the parties exchanged numerous counter proposals during the three day session."

Governor Rauner’s administration is wanting several things to occur with the state unions.

Beauchamp said, "They haven’t moved at all on the major issues that are in dispute. For example, they want to double the cost to our members’ health care. They want a complete freeze to wages for four years."

The next steps are unknown in this standoff that could affect the hundreds of thousands of AFSCME workers.

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