Rauner Says First Year of Administration is Progress for Illinois


Springfield - It's been a full year of the Bruce Rauner administration.

From day one, the governor said he's got goals in mind for the state; goals that include improving education in Illinois.

"We've increased state support for schools at record levels despite no budget.  I pushed hard to increase state support for schools and it's the highest it's ever been.  I'm very proud of that," Rauner said Tuesday.

His goals also include changing the economic outlook, and business climate, in Illinois.

That's something he says will make the state more competitive with surrounding states.

"The key to doing that is growth because growth will generate more tax revenue, make higher family incomes to afford more taxes.  Indiana factory workers are making more net through adjusted cost of living than Illinois factory workers.  That has never been true in history.  Now it's true because Indiana has been growing," he added.

While the governor says his ideas are for the better of the state, some say otherwise, including senior senator Dick Durbin.

"This has reached a ridiculous point.  It is a point that is hurting our state, it's economy, it's reputation, and sadly, many, many innocent people," said Durbin.

The senate returns to the Capitol Wednesday while the House has canceled its session for the week.

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