Decatur Church Opens Doors To Homeless Individuals For Shelter From The Cold

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DECATUR – One church opened their doors for the homeless to take step inside and out of the warmth for the night.

Coordinator Tara Robinson said, "We are in our warm homes and they are out there struggling just to stay warm it’s just... heart breaking to think about."

Serving coffee, cookies, sandwiches and more, the church and its volunteers wanted to give those down on their luck an opportunity to get out from the sting of the cold and the loneliness it can bring.

Robinson said, "They think that nobody cares nobody loves them and they are just living."

Volunteer Joyce Keller said, "Maybe in some way we could help them better their life, so they don’t have to be out in the cold, It’s sort of a ministry to help them help themselves."

Lending a helping hand for those less fortunate.

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