Decatur To Cut Up To $5 Million From Schools

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Decatur – The Decatur School District may have to make substantial cuts next month as the legislature continues to underfund schools.

“It’s going to be between three and five million is what we’re looking for in terms of reductions for next year,” school superintendent Lisa Taylor told WAND’s Doug Wolfe.  “When is it going to stop?  Because we’ve been close to probably 10 years of this now.”

The legislature has long underfunded schools.  With the state unable to reach a budget deal it’s not likely there will be a fix anytime soon.

The school board is set to tackle the budget with public input being accepted on February 2nd and 16th.

The district could face additional financial constraints if a property tax freeze, or tax caps, are implemented by the General Assembly.

It’s hoped some of the cuts can be absorbed by paying for hundreds of teaching assistants using federal grant money.

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