Senate Meets; No Ground Made on New State Budget

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Springfield - A difference in philosophies, that's at the heart of the state's budget standoff.

Governor Bruce Rauner and Republicans believe that the way to turn the state around is through making it better for business, creating new revenue for the state.

"We have not addressed the structural issues, the structural reforms that are necessary to keep us from going into the red once again," said Vandalia senator Kyle McCarter.

Democrats say to turn the state around, and increase funding, does not require a business agenda.

"That is what I call, and that's what he has used, the word leverage.  He's using the budget in this fiscal crisis in the state as leverage to pass an extreme agenda that would undoubtedly harm middle class families," said Bunker Hill senator Andy Manar.

While they have different views of how to turn the state around, McCarter and Manar are equally frustrated that the state is still without a new budget.

"There's no consensus for the governor's agenda.  We should focus on exclusively on revenues and expenditures and bring that to balance and move on," said Manar.

"Not coming back is evidence that the speaker may not be that interested in making a deal right now," added McCarter.

Lawmakers won't return to the capitol until January 27th which is when the governor gives his state of the state address.

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