Governor and Lawmakers Split on How to Better Fund Education


Springfield - Under the Pat Quinn administration, public education saw millions of dollars cut in education spending.

A year ago, in his first month as governor, Bruce Rauner said he'd increase money for education.

He said that's the key to restore Illinois as a top tier state of education.

"Senator (Andy) Manar has made the mistake of advocating that some school districts have to give up money or get less while others get more, that's not necessary.  If we shrink the bureaucracy, shrink the wasteful spending in government, and take that money and increase state support for schools, we don't have to cut any school district.  I don't want to cut any school districts, I want to increase all districts, but increase lower income districts, and rural districts more," said Rauner.

However, Senator Manar believed that simply spending more doesn't solve the problem if districts continue to receive more than they need from the state.  

Additionally, he said the governor is taking an ironic and hypocritical stance.

"It's ironic that the argument coming from the legislature is let's spend our money better, and the argument coming from the governor is let's spend more money.  But simply spending more money isn't going to solve the problem, which is just a true atrocity in the state today.  We have some districts that spend $6,000 a student, and we have others that spend $30,000 a student.  That's an atrocity on every single level.  The governor needs to recognize that," said Manar.

Lawmakers return to Springfield on January 27th for the governor's State of the State address.

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