Dredging Suspended On Lake Decatur

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DECATUR - The 91.4 million dollar 6 year Lake Decatur dredging project is on hold for the winter. A spokesperson for Great Lakes Dredge and Dock said the operations were suspended during the middle of December and will resume in March. However, a skeleton crew was left behind to perform maintenance work on the machinery. The dredging also came to a halt shortly before Christmas in 2014 and picked up again the first part of April. Progress has been made moving the sediment to land from the lake. Keith Alexander, Director of Water Management for the City Of Decatur says 27% of the project has been completed as they enter year two of the undertaking. Alexander said,"We have dredged the portion of Basin One between the Lake Decatur dam and Lost Bridge Road and they are about eighty percent done dredging the Big Creek area of the lake which is between Lost Bridge Road back to the East of Baltimore Road." He went on to say,"They're going to finish up that project early this year, 2016, then they'll dredge the Sand Creek area of the lake and then move up into Basin Two hopefully at the end of 2016 or 2017." When the Lake Decatur dredging project is completed in 2020, the lake will be able to supply and additional 52 days of water to the city and will increase the depth of the lake an average of 4 feet. That would bring the total average depth of the lake to 12 feet from 8 feet.

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