Legislation Would Force Deadbeat State To Pay Utility Bills


Springfield – The State of Illinois owes the city of Springfield’s municipal utility, CWLP, more than $9 million in unpaid and overdue utility bills.

State Senator Andy Manar, (D) Bunker Hill and State Rep. Sue Scherer, (D) Decatur, have filed legislation  requiring the state to pay those bills.

“There’s no way any normal customer could go a half a year without paying utility bills,” Manar stated in a news release.  “The state is still a customer and its failure to pay is having a $9 million impact on Springfield and its residents who face potential increased utility costs.”

The state has not made payments since the budget crisis started in July.  The city of Springfield has continued to provide service even though it has not been paid.  Last week, the Springfield City Council approved a formal request that the state begin paying its bills.

Senate Bill 2230, will authorize state agencies to make payments from the same state funds used last fiscal year.

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