Eastern Illinois Foodbank receives more than 1 million pounds of food in December 2015

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URBANA - Eastern Illinois Foodbank officials say a new record was set for the most amount of food received in one month during December 2015.

Foodbank officials say they received 1,045,079 pounds of food at their Urbana facility during December 2015, breaking the previous record of 877,006 pounds set in January 2014.  Food donated to the facility from citizens, manufacturers, and retailers amounted to about 600,000 pounds, with the remainder being received from USDA commodities and food drives, as well as purchases.

According to Eastern Illinois Foodbank President and CEO Jim Hires, the generosity and support of donors means that "more food found its way to those that need it most."  Last year, approximately 7.5 million pounds of food was distributed to families and individuals in need.

For more information about the Eastern Illinois Foodbank, click here.

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