Girl Gives Away Birthday Presents

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Springfield, IL - She's an eight year old with a heart of gold. Madeleine Pauly recently turned eight years old and instead of hosting a traditional birthday party, she wanted her friends to bring presents for others. Madeleine was at St. John's Children's Hospital in Springfield, IL about to enter an M.R.I. machine when she was handed a Teddy Bear for comfort. To young people the inside of the magnetic resonance machine is dark and daunting. The bear would keep her safe and secure in the dark surroundings. When she left the hospital she asked her mother where the bear came from. She was told that the Teddy Bear along with other comforts was supplied by the hospitals many donors. It was then that the energetic young lady came up with the idea to donate all of her birthday presents from her party to the children's hospital. Madeleine's mom said everyone invited to the party came with a present to be donated, although the invitation that she had sent to party goers did not specify that it was mandatory. Madeleine and her mom donated the presents, including toys, stuffed animals, coloring books and more, on Wednesday to the hospital. When asked if she would do this again, Madeleine said,"I just might do this for my next birthday."

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