Unincorporated Sangamon County residents invited to meeting on repairing flooding damage

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SANGAMON COUNTY - Residents of unincorporated Sangamon County who need to rebuild or replace structures damaged by recent flooding are encouraged to attend an informational meeting for property owners on January 26.

Officials say the meeting will be held at 2833 South Grand Avenue East in Springfield from 6:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m.  Sangamon County Building Department, Environmental Health Department, Floodplain Office and Office of Emergency Management representatives will be on hand to assist property owners in attendance.

Under an approved County Disaster Emergency declaration, building, floodplain development, and water well-related permits needed to repair or rebuild flood damaged structures have their fees waived.  However, individuals seeking these permits may need to provide proof of damages and allow officials to inspect the site for damages.

Property owners who are unable to attend this meeting are urged to contact the county prior to beginning repairs or rebuilding projects by calling (217) 535-3110.

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