Sangamon County to Hold Informational Meeting for Flood Victims Next Week


Springfield - Local waters may have receded since December's floods, but the damage from heavy waters lingers on.

Families trying to recover and move on are hoping help is on the way.

Next Tuesday night, Sangamon County flood victims can attend a meeting at the county health department to hear about what is being done to get them the help they need.

"The board declared that disaster and allowed us to waive fees.  We're having a meeting Tuesday night.  We're inviting those that have had damage and are looking at if they have to rebuild or significant repairs to come down to the county health building," said Sangamon County administrator Brian McFadden.

McFadden said that flooding victims have already been through enough already.  He wants to make sure that they can get as much as help as they can, as quick as they can, without any additional hassles.

"I think the really critical part will be to help people navigate through the process as i mentioned.  If it involves a federal claim it then there is paper work the county has to do and a needs assessment and a damage assessment on the property.  Making sure that's done right.  Because it's horrible when anybody has damage like this, but put the bureaucratic red tape on top of that then to have to pay for permits and fees is like rubbing salt on the wounds so to speak.  So we want to help people get through that process as easy and efficiently as possible," he added.

Additionally, McFadden said that flood victims will be given vouchers to use to bring garbage and debris to the county dump without any fees.

The Sangamon County information meeting will be on Tuesday, January 26th, from 6pm until 7pm.  The meeting will be at the Sangamon County Public Health and Community Service building in Springfield.

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