Budget Crisis Kills Adult Ed


Decatur – The state budget crisis has slammed the books shut on Decatur’s Adult Education program.

“I want to make sure the program is fiscally sound and so in order to do that we had to suspend some of the classes,” Adult Education Manager Roxanne Wilkerson told WAND’s Doug Wolfe.

The adult education program received federal funds in December.  But anticipated state money never came.

Kali Mosely, the mother of a young daughter, had just enrolled to earn her GED.

“I wanted to come back to better my future and provide a better life and income for her,” Mosley told WAND.  “I was really heartbroken about it.  I mean, I was all excited to come back, get an education and now I can’t do that.”

“I was heartbroken.  I started crying,” said Dakota Grandfield who hopes to eventually become a registered nurse.  “I’m the oldest of 5 kids.  My dad has been out of work for a couple of years.  The income and everything it’s just not working.”

Wilkerson hopes to restart the program once state funding is resumed.

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