Lawmakers Await Governor's State of the State Address Wednesday


Springfield - To say it's been a rough first year between Governor Bruce Rauner and the General Assembly would be an understatement.

The stalemate over a budget and a business agenda has led to a thin line between the governor and Democratic lawmakers.

"I think he will say that he feels terrible about all of the harm that's being done.  He'll blame the democrats for not passing the turnaround agenda," said UIS political science professor Kent Redfield.

Redfield said that the governor will likely continue to stress that while tough, the hard decisions and current cuts will make for a better Illinois in the long run.

"He keeps talking about short term pain and long term gain and whether or not that's still credible given the number of really serious disruptions in social services," added Redfield.

Just days away from the address, the governor sticks to supporting his turnaround agenda, saying that nothing worthwhile comes quickly.

"Change is very difficult.  Change takes time.  Nothing important, nothing transformative comes quickly or easily and I don't take the fact that this has taken a long time as anything other than to demonstrate how important it is," said Rauner.

The governor will speak to both the House and Senate starting at noon on Wednesday.

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